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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

WJAAS - ... again about the noble art of brewing a passive/massive crossover - Akira Takahashi's way

From Akira Takahashi-san's:

"4 Ways Dividing Network: Crossover frequency are 200Hz, 1000Hz, and 6000Hz and the slope is -18 dB/oct. Level control is called [transformer type] - i.e. "autoformers": I do not adopt the attenuation by resistors in my shop. It is because unit dumping will worsen and will cause poor tone quality, if resistors go into a circuit in series".

If asked "Why 18 db/octave, Akira?" he'll reply: "Because it's the best sounding x-over I ever listened to".

By chance, Takahashi-san is a long-time Goto's user.

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