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Friday, November 13, 2009

Neil Young - Live at Massey Hall 1971

My friend Pino kindly brought to me this very record some months ago in the deluxe double-set vinyl incarnation, whose classic track-list - yet mildly - I already appreciated in a couple of previous listening sessions.

... but yesterday evening was different, as I had this very '70s mood I often cherish - i.e.- ahhh, those beautiful years when I still had long hairs and two girlfriends at a time;-))) - and put on the Shindo/301 the thick, 200 grams wax...

Well, folks... Mayer's electronics (WE 437A/LCR-801A and 6CB5A/Tango amp) and Gotorama did it: a vintage Neil Young was in my music room!

Musicwise, it's impressive, also amusing that people in the audience is enjoying and grooving at the songs from the past records, After the Gold Rush, Everybony know...., NY's 1st... but when Neil introduces, say, "Old Man" like: "I wrote a new song, it's titled Old Man".... people only mildly handclap at him, apparently more for kindness than appreciation... same with "The Needle and the Damage Done" and "A Man needs a Maid"...

Why, you'd ask?!?

Simply because the seminal "Harvest" was yet to be issued at that concert date!!!

It's something really surreal, more or less like when you listen to a passed away artist disc... the record itself became a true time-machine.


Soundwise, the 2-lps are of superb sonic merits and quality... the Martin acoustic guitar is so beautiful... the piano, sure not a Steinway, is right for the music, while Neil's voice is a surprising instrument of never ending beauty!

Like the noises from audience, handclapping, whistles, feet bumping on the stage and squeaking of strings, wood and fingers and hands on Neil's part... all is faithfully captured.

A great evening and four sides which smoothly spinned on the turntable, blissfully.

A must have disc, pals.

Enjoy, as I did.

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