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Monday, November 2, 2009

Manolis' ANIMA speakers at Athens Show 2009

My friend Manolis Proestakis from Athens finally introduced his first commercial effort, something I listened to as a prototype last April, an already promising speaker, now a three ways horn-based speaker system, which try to be as new as other young builders, with a BIG difference: all horns in Manolis' creation are hand-made, no OEM fiberglass Tractrix'.

A short description of his system (thanks to 6Moons)...

"Manolis Proestakis' Tune Audio Anima is another Greek 3-way hornspeaker [€24,000/pr] that combines an epoxy-resin Tractrix horn with a Titanium/Neodymium 1" compression tweeter, a Baltic Ply Tractrix midrange horn with a 5-inch driver and a downfiring exponential bass horn with a 15-incher. 1st-order crossovers hover at 250Hz and 1,500Hz respectively. The nominal impedance is 8 ohms, minimum impedance 6.2. There are output adjustments for the mid and high-frequency units and system sensitivity is given as a very high 110dB. With Hørning Hybrid's 22-watt Sati SET running 52B triodes, this really was a very promising debut despite a small room and nearfield listener accommodations."

Trusty concert-goers Greek friends who gave a listen to Anima's has been very intrigued by the sound, as I was in Manolis' house, few months ago... as it was very musically involving and easy... natural.

The shape, accordingly to Manolis' thoughts and designing, allowed him to reach a beautitul, unboomy, well modulating low-bass notes, nicely blending also in a mid-sized room, where we almost all live; as a plus the drivers in-phase building add a seldom seen correctness and a guarantee Manolis' cleverly did his homerworks in acoustic and design, in the name of Music.

I look forward in listening to Anima's soon...

In the meantime, I wish to Manolis Proestakis all the best wishes and success he deserve for his love for music and for the long hours in the basement, fiddling with resins and tireless woodworking, sure the future will be shiny for him and Greek audio scene, as well.

Manolis' site

from "6Moons": about Athens'Audio Show

P.S. - also, in one pix, the mighty EMT 950, the property of our common friend Georges;-)

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