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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Is a new star born?!?!

While chatting with a Canadian friend, David Beetles, I learned and discovered something really worth a try and further exploration...

A small South Korean workshop is hand-building a truly nice, little masterpiece: a cartridge using the very same approach used in vinyl cutting lathe, the only difference being a diamond NOT carving vinyl, BUT only reading the inner soul of vinyl records grooves. A little, humbly, almost home-made looking device, but nonetheless cleverly done and conceived.

David, a dedicated audiophile, someone who care about music at its very best and also a Lumiere DST user and owner like myself, told me about ALLNIC Verito MC describing its sound lifelike and extremely musical, definitely in the Lumiere's stellar lineage.


... so: voilà, I ordered one! Will report soon.


Giorgio Enrico said...

Stefano, very interesting news. From an aesthetic point of view the cartridge is dramatically ugly... I can only hope for a nice sound, as you reported... :-)


twogoodears said...

Ugly is a compliment, Giorgio;-)))
for the moment I'm in "stand-by mode" - i.e. waiting for a carefull listening as soon as I'll receive it ... as reported in ALLNIC site, the idea and concept behind the cartridge is very straightforwarded.

Let's see and, in the meantine, let's hope...