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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Angel Song - Robert Wyatt's music in Modena

Yesterday evening, at Teatro Comunale "Luciano Pavarotti" in Modena, I attended to one of the most sought-after concerts ever: prominent members of "Canterbury school" - a bunch of daredevils who, since early '60s and onward, composed among the most haunting, beautiful melodies I ever heard... from "Hope for Happiness" to "Dedicated to Hugh, but you weren't listening" and "Moon in June" by Soft Machine to "In the Land of Grey and Pink" by Caravan, "1984" by Hugh Hopper - I'll always love this record - and "Rock Bottom" by Robert Wyatt...

Robert Wyatt is - of course - a personal hero of mine: his voice is telling us about how fragile is Man, yet Unique.

The nine musicians on the stage played this weird, strange, seldom heard melodies... "Alifib" with Dagmar Krause somehow a tad "woody" vs. Robert's liquid vocals and... shivers... Richard Sinclair and his incredible voice, the nearest thing to Robert's voice I'm aware of: can't believe how beautiful and naturally easy sounded it alive... always tuned at tiniest cent, he improvised flawlessly in "God Song"... Tears...

The 300+ kilometers I drove to attend at this very concert were blissfully digested by the enjoyment, the always moving and enriching sensation, the feeling of being "right in the world navel" for long, LOOOOONG moments...

That's what I'm after, pals... stopping the clocks, freezing the time for an orgasm of ALL senses, shamelessly.

... reminds me the William Blake's "God's finger" painting: to me - a nihilist and a gnostic down to the tiniest cell - this music is akin to the truest, deepest expression of human beauty ever... religion? ... maybe mysticism, but "beauty" is self-containing all is needed.

Robert Wyatt did it... like Richard Sinclair's angel-like voice and Anne Whitehead's trombone and Chris Cutler - amazing drummer and nice persona he is - Dagmar Krause and all the others stellar performers who cocooned one of the most precious "living treasures" - Japan-style - of present era: Robert Wyatt.

Thanks to Michele - my seat-neighbour, yesterday, at the theatre... was great sharing with someone like you this very evening;-)

Richard Sinclair's site, full of infos and news about Canterbury's scene

BTW... Richard spend part of the year in Salento, Puglia (Italy) - good stroke and tastes, Richard;-)


heavy_dubby said...

ciao stefano!

it was great meeting you!... the best concert i attended to in these years. walking back few blocks ahead to my hotels, i thought that i could not hope for more. it will be difficult to put together again such musicians, all at once. as you said: like the centipede!


twogoodears said...


Gaandeweg said...

Came from Amsterdam for the concert and I am very, very happy that I did. This was a magic evening which will long be remembered! Thanks and cheers to all nine musicians!
Aad van Nieuwkerk

Anonymous said...


I wish I could be there! Lucky You!


Strong Comet

heavy_dubby said...

ciao stefano!

nel caso ti fosse sfuggito :-)