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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Weirdo Dept. - MV + EE

... just IMAGINE: Robbie Basho and his out of the choir acoustic guitar, eons ago, Daevid Allen and his Gong, an acoustic Capt. Beefheart, Amon Duul, Kaleidoscope, Tom Rapp and his Pearl Before Swines and Jefferson Airplane in the '70s... shake well and...Matt Valentine and his partner Erika Elder with a bunch of selected dropouts, musically "out" as bow-windows BUT satori-ed friends, are producing among the VERY best new/old acoustic Americana ever... from the early '60s John Fahey discs, with a touch of Roscoe Halcomb and his Appalachian rural blues.Their discs are extremely nicely recorded, mostly available in vinyl and full analog glory, with silk-screened covers art... only caveat... this fine recordings are usually produced in VERY small digits, becoming elusive items in few weeks from pressing... No a special advice or title on MV+EE... browse freely, as their music is freer than free... only a mild hint: every, EVERY double discs is worth your money... give'em a try!... I love them...

They recently (2010) issued a new disc, titled "Home Confort", also available in limited-edition vinyl... I ordered it...

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