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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Denis Morecroft's DNM cables

I still remember - 'twas early '80s - that 2 chassis preamp, battery-fed, using plexiglas cases and green light from inside LEDs... gorgeous sound, hideously expensive gears...

They're still in business, and mr. Denis Morecroft - the man behind the company and a free thinker - designed, years ago, some VERY interesting signal and speakers cables.

His concept is always hinting to low mass connectors (again those Eichmann's) and seldom seen proprietary cables and shapes...

An interesting reading.

1 comment:

Ben said...

Dear Mr Goodyear’s, Yes I agree. I am just about to order aluminium oxide spacers to attach LM1875’s to heat sink ala Denis Morecroft in a low powered 12v battery supplied amp for Bastanis speakers. II also have Eichmann’s speaker cables and built my own USB cables using Eichman’s patented ratio. Just wanted to let you know I support your observations re the wisdom of Morecroft and Eichmann who is only an hour or so’s drive from me, although I’ve never met him.