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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

... more silence...

Few days ago, again listening to the recently improved music system, at home...

Guilty of some thinking was an old disc on Ocora by David Hykes and Harmonic Choir with his "Hearing Solar Winds"... a recording made in a French Abbey during an enchanted night, singers around a microphones pair in a highly reverberating church with only the darkness and some candles and their voices in harmonic, double overtones chanting, from the ancient Tibetan heritage and tradition.

The "silence" with the intervowing of the voices - male and female - became a totally different concept, blending with "space" and "time" in a very peculiar way.

Singers codas, the running of voices, the double and triple tones, almost a modulating whistle over the main notes, make you - the listener - as a child looking at a winter night sky, full of stars.

The mistery, the awe is the only sentiment, the only possible feeling.

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