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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Revox G36HS

After owning for decades a REVOX G36 which was transformed by Master Tim de Parravicini from a 9,5/19 cm/s 2 tracks into a beast 19/38 cm/s 2 tracks with mike-IN transformers and earphones output for monitoring, I sold it last year to a reel-to-reel beginner pal.

Selling it was someway painful as it was, like my Nagra IV-S and QGB, dictated only by the load of too many machines owned and in use at my Studietto.

Anyway, my pal was happy and myself had a less crowdy shelves.

... but: when a love is for life, it's difficult to give up!

As I HAD TO re-buy a Fidelity Research AS-1 passive preamp and The Head TX-4 TdP's MC-SUT after selling them, same happened with the humble G36!

It cannot be compared with my mighty Studer C37 or Telefunken M15A in authority and beefy sound, nonetheless this reel-to-reel machine has mojo and magic in spades.

Its sound is so natural and effortless I immediately noticed and appreciated at first checking after... YES! - recently purchasing a perfect conditions original factory-made Revox G36 HS 19/38 cm/s unit.
I drove about 1200 km to pick it up... but sure worth the hassle and expense.

I'll be able to dub my all-tube recording master tapes (recorded using my tubes Neumann U67s' mikes) from G36HS to C37, so preserving the harmonic richness of these humble recordings.

First will be a (very) limited edition of my "Barocco Tedesco" straight from the edited original 1/4" master tape.

Stay tuned...

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