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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Jazz Images by Francis Wolff

This very (limited edition) book was the unexpected and gladly received gift from a friend... as he told me, he bought two at Mosaic in CT, USA: one for himself and another for someone able to appreciate it... and. YES! Leif: I DO appreciate it!

The Ashley Khan's foreword is wort the book... his insight about the days these wonderful pixies were shot, the coming from Nazi Germany to USA, the use of Rolleiflex camera and the cool eye inside RudyVan Gelder's studio... priceless.

... but what more amazes me are the finest, humblest details: John Coltrane's elastic twisted belt, the shiny, brand new Neumanns and Telefunkens' microphones and Selmers' saxes, the natural elegance of these stellar musicians and I'm not only talking about Miles'

A true visual goldmine of a life-long commitment to jazz and to - more specifically - seminal, trend-setting Blue Note record label.

Thanks, pal.  

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