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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Fado in Coimbra, Portugal

During my recent journey in Portugal, I had several very nice musical moments... but nothing compared to my Fado ao Centro in Coimbra evening... 

Coimbra's Fado is very different from its Lisbon's version... only former and ex-Coimbra University students, all males, wearing their traditional black capes, singing and playing classical guitar and guitarra Portuguesa.

The place is very comfortable and classy - sort of out of time - and music flows as timeless as it can be.

The musicians are truly gifted and - be sure - it's not a sort-of tourist-only affaire: historic hints are given by Ms. Germana, an extremely kind and well-informed lady whose live commenting, supported by short movies on the screen behind musicians, was a plus to the evening.

I was in tears when, at the end of one-hour long gig, had the privilege to chat with musicians and to handle and strum a premium luthier crafted guitarra Portuguesa.

An epiphany!

I strongly suggest and invite everyone traveling in the area to stop-by enjoy this great music, hinting both saudade for leaving Portugal, for serenades during the mild nights in Coimbra or cheering at the end of a studying year at the nearby University, one of most ancient in the world.

Thanks, folks... obrigado, Doigo... obrigado, Germana... also now I'm back home, I'm enjoying Coimbra's fado from the disks I bought after the concert.


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