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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Garrard - the legend continues...

What the heck! 

A Garrard 301.. yawn... seen and re-seen... nothing new, uh?


Here it is, as seen behind the curtains at upcoming M.O.C. 2019 in Munchen, beginning tomorrow, the brand new 301!

... or, reportedly, a Loricraft's minty 301 approved, blessed and re-christened by SME.

The new SME-approved Garrard 301 after the 2018 merging with Loricraft's know-how, while going on parallel acquisition and bringing back to England of  Garrard  brand ownership from previous owner, Gradiente, a Brazilian firm.

Shown in classic cream finish with oil bearing. 

Reportedly £12,500 with plinth and SME M2-12R tonearm. 

Photo by Herbert Reichert.

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