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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Tyran Grillo's "Between Sound and Space: An ECM Records Primer" available soon!

"I'm humbled and pleased to announce that my book on ECM is finally coming out this week. "Between Sound and Space: An ECM Records Primer" is to be published by Rey+Naranjo in a first edition available only to the South American market, then as a global edition early next year (preorders will be available soon). 

I have been graciously invited to present two talks at the Bogotá International Book Fair. My first talk will be "ECM Records: Listen, Watch and Remain Silent," to be given this Sunday, April 28. The second will be "The Collector as Historian," to be given on April 30th. Please attend and introduce yourself if you're in the Bogotá area! More to follow."

The above are the words of author himself: Tyran Grillo, an accomplished music writer and photographer deserves a Guinness Book mention for his incredible, complete, huge oeuvre on ECM Records essays and reviews... witty, deep, communicative and extremely entertaining and well-informed, I consider his site - with cohorts of musics lovers worldwide - a goldmine.

I'll enjoy my copy when available in the very next weeks as I enjoyed over the years Tyran's superb site.

Cheers, Tyran... a good stroke indeed!


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