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Monday, April 1, 2019

Disc of the Month - Jean-Claude Malgoire's Dance Music (CBS Masterworks 76183 -1976)

Found this gem which completes my (quite) impressive Malgoire's collection...

It's as usually a marvelous recording, produced by Georges Kadar and masterfully recorded at Notre Dame du Liban in Paris, in Pantheon area by Georges Kisselhof.

This very combination was used in dozens of Malgoire's discs... my love for this precise, detailed and gorgeous sound brought me to this very church, hidden in a modern building in one of my most beloved areas of Ville Lumiere... just to hear with my own ears "why" these recordings sound so special.

No surprise, I found two recordings chains in situ, ready to capture more music.

Mr. Kisselhof reportedly used back in early '70s an old trusty Telefunken M10 or a Studer B62, but it was the symbiotic knowledge of the church resonance modes which paid most.

Everyone not aware of these humble nuggets cannot avoid jaw-dropping when listening to these recordings and this very one isn't exception... recorders, small and larger percussions, pousannes, and the most raucous crumhorns you can imagine. A beauty.

Cannot aid to strongly and heartfeltly suggest to browse the common sources and find and enjoy this dic and music.

You won't regret.

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