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Monday, January 14, 2019

JC Morrison's brewing The Yellow Snow Fuzz...AKA the ultimate fuzz box

My pal and acrobat engineer extraordinaire JC is brewing the ultimate, most frippy fuzz box, ever... after Russian Germanium transistors whose fractal qualities... ahem, character is more apt... so much influenced by temperature, humidity and... well, they're almost human devices, moody as they can be.

Kidding around the sound coming from JC's ax when trying the prototype of the fuzz, a name came, Yellow Snow - i.e. the great Frank Zappa's tune about the Eskimos and the wise suggestion coming from these great people... don't eat the yellow snow... acid, brrrr....

Someone DO need an in-deep explanation about the meaning of the above?

Well, laughing like kids, JC and yours truly agreed the "most acid and frippy fuzz on the planet" (tm) would have been a Zappa's sort-of-homage.

It's truly amazing and an honor to see the box taking shape, circuit after circuit, I feel the soldering iron smell and fumes in JC's wooden home, up north... with his ladies around.

Love these people... they're like my enlarged family.

Thanks JC.

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