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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Disk(s) of the month - Kamilya Jubran - Wameedd and Makan

I already wrote an appreciation of Wanabni by Kamilya Jubran... nice music, oud, voice, trumpet and live electronics...

... just feel worthwhile pointing out more intriguing titles by this seldom heard and quoted artist whose voice and oud are truly unique.

Her strong voice sings poems by Eastern poets like Rumi, Gibran and others... a world of beauty.

Kamilya and Werner Hasler, like on Wanabni, an heavenly team for heavenly music... just don't expect traditional Arabic music because of oud presence.

Kamilya and her oud, recorded in lively acoustic locations in Grenoble... awesome, intimate, love it.

I heartfeltly suggest everyone into seldom heard mesh-up to find and dig these superb disks... you won't regret.

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