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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Silbatone at M.O.C. 2018 - when less is more...

Downsizing and bringing audio to a new level of care for details and human-sized expense to par will be next goal... this is my humble opinion and heartfelt wish.

I recently corresponded with my pal and mentor Joe Roberts and he shared some details about the next Munchen Silbatone Shrine, 2018 edition.

The choice of Joe and Silbatone's people was someway unwanted and forced by unexpected and complicate eveniences... so, let's not expect exotic WE 16A, 12, 15 or 13 large horns, but...

Chance plays a role in life and life itself choose to bring things down to earth. 

A world, a new better world where less is more.

So, here are some exclusive news, straight from JR:

"We will have 757A (great speaker, one of my favorites), TA-4165s in a small TA-7395 inspired horn baffle, and two prs. of 755A in Silbatone cabinets."

Sounds good to me...

Look forward in meeting new and old friends at Silbatone's... where music and quality counts.

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