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Friday, April 13, 2018

Gray 108 Magnesium unipivot viscous-damping arm clone

Again by Karmadon's...

From Ukraina with love!

GRAY 108 tonearm clone from magnesium alloy.

The arm is made of magnesium alloy. As is known, the most desirable audiophile option of GRAY 108 is made of magnesium.
All mounting dimensions are equivalent to the original. Arm painted with gray WRINKLE dye.
The geometrical dimensions of the arm, arm base, set screw are also 100% equivalent to the original and all made from highest quality materials.
The needle and the screw are made from 1045 steel.
The tonearm is fully equipped with everything being needed to install on the turntable as you can see it on the photos.
The tonearm is equipped with a cable (2 feet) and clips Cardas.
Also, there is an instruction for installing and correct setting.
And now available in black.
Price for such a masterpiece is a stunning USD 550 plus shipping!

Just ordered one for my (second) Lumiere DST or Denon DL102!

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