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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Spring 2018 yard-sale

I'm selling the following gears, well-cared for, in flawlessly working conditions... why?

Not because I don't like, actually... yet, life is changes, folks... and I love changing...

Seriously: I'm actually enjoying other gears in my system and it's time to let these fine objects go and find a new, good home.

Thomas Mayer 4-chassis transformers-coupled preamp: line-stage using 2 x 1929 N.O.S. Cunningham CX310 with power supply and Dave Slagle transformers and LCR phono-stage using 4 x Western Electric 437A and Tango LCR EQ600 with power supply. Many N.O.S. spare-tubes included. 220V only. Superb!

Garrardzilla and 4-ways crossovers not included in the offer;-)

Hiraga Le Classè A 30W Class A amps - 4 pieces available, in perfect shape, nicely sounding, superb building quality.

- Marantz 7C tube pre-amp from the '60s with six "Diamond/Smooth plate" N.O.S. Telefunken ECC-83 100 % unmodified/original, as built by Saul Marantz and Sidney Smith + wooden case + original papers - truly seldom seen 220V original!!!!!

- Marantz 10B tube-tuner, the "Rolls-Royce" of tuners from the '60s + wooden case + fully original/unmodified/serviced, perfectly working, with original papers - 117V;

- EMT 997 "Banana" 12 inches arm, N.O.S. in original wooden-box complete with ALL accessories (weights, 2 x arm-rests and papers) - EMT "diamond" mount for TSD15 cartridge - five bare-wires original;

- Ortofon RMG-309i 12 inches arm, original box and papers w/8N Ortofon blue cable;

- IVIE IE-30 Real Time Analyzer, complete in original briefcase, with class A microphone and ALL accessories, a brand-new set of genuine spare IVIE's batteries and Ivie IE-20 Pink and White noise-generator - both with original 117/220V power supplies/batteries chargers - top conditions and not comparable with any other shitty computer analyzer - the one! ;

- Bang & Olufsen CD-5500 design-friendly CD-player, Philips TDA-1541 DAC, superbly sounding;

- Radford HD-250 integrated amplifier, made in England, Partridge transformer, serviced and fully working; 

- BEYER TR/BV 351015006 MC transformer in Hammond alu box - nicely matching and sounding with EMT TSD-15 and, most of all, with Denon DL-103; 

- custom-made cartridges display/holder, dust-proof, made in plexiglas: black base and see-through clear plexiglas cover, good for 6 cartridges and headshells - elegant and useful for carts collectors - two available;  

- Nagra IV-S with QGB large-spools motor, alu flight-case, Power-supplies and accessories, cables, original Nagra's NAB and cine adapters, etc. - museum quality, perfect sounding/recording;

- 2006 vintage Thomas Schick 12" arm.

... also more goodies available - mostly speakers, all in top conditions - ( i.e. '50s Westrex 2080-A 15" woofers 16 ohm/Philips 9710 Alnico/RCA MI-9584 1,5" drivers 15 ohm + original metal theatre horns adapters/Emilar 1" 8 ohm drivers/420A Biflex 15" 8 ohm/JBL 2420 1" - high-drivers and original "sound-barrier" horn - 16 ohm/Isophon 22 cm Alnico/original N.O.S. Saba "green" mids and highs pairs and several baffles for wide-band and bass-enclosures for 15" woofers)... if the case, pls drop a line at:


Will send hi-res pixes of any item to anyone interested enough... only be (a little) patient;-)

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