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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Miles' 1959 by Enrico Merlin - a one of a kind book

Dear Miles Davis fans and music lovers, here is the long awaited  book:


... yes, 1959, the very year when everything happened... Kind of Blue's year, what else!

We'll not tell you what the book is about, we just remark that this artifact is absolutely out of regular schemes. 

This very book marks an unprecedented approach in biography of any performing artist, being a true day-by-day chronology in a large format (12” x 12”), full color, c. 600 pages thick artefact.

Easy to appropriately store among Miles' vinyl-records!

A diary of Miles' life and music through an incredible research work on the international press, exhaustive discographies, biographical facts, interviews and musical analysis.

This will set a new standard reference for future research as it gives a full picture of what was happening in the music world in 1959.

You have the chance to become owner of a collector's item, a numbered copy, limited edition, at the price of €250 (+ S&H) for the first 200 subscribers. 

The price will be increased from copy #201 onward.

What are you waiting for? If you want, you can choose the number of your copy (if still available)!

For infos and/or to order your copy, please write to

I wish Denise and Enrico the very best with this project... I'm well aware of the incredible research work behind this large format book.

A labour of love and a life-achievement for Enrico and his decades long Miles' scholarship. 

Miles Smiles, I'm pretty sure... 

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