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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Healing sound - vibes, frequencies, Music & the Universe

  “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
― Nikola Tesla

The above should be enough for today and many todays to-come, folks... everything in Nature, from atoms to Supernovas have their own frequency.

When I look at my almost boiling water on the stove, every morning, waiting to have my green tea, what amazes and enthralls and hooks my attention is the mandala-like "vibe" on the hot water surface, this beautiful phenomenon is both a visual effect and a sound, as well.

It's the boiling water vibration... everything has several frequencies: the vibe of joy or fear, something which give a diffuse wave to our skin... 

The Universe is possibly vibrating - i.e. expanding - since eons and eons ago and so will to for eons and eons to come... until it will begin to retract itself... concentric waves endlessly spreading in the immensity of Zero Kelvin outer-space.

Tesla knew... like Dr. Anthony Holland, a composer, musician and scientist, searched for years about the cancer-cells of Leukemia and exposing these cells to a definite frequency, found that more than 60% of the bad cells were destroyed.

Unfortunately, no direct exposure of cancer-patients has already been scientely explored.  
When I'm seating in my studio, listening to some good music, I feel the music with my ears and body, as well.

What happens to my body when I'm soaked in music?

I barely know and understand what happens to my mind or soul...

I cannot imagine what sound, vibes make to my organism: is low end interacting with liver or kidney?

Please be sure I'm not saying I'm avidly listening to music or my playing my guitars to preserve my body and live forever...

... yet, it's absolutely true after an intense, good, pleasant listening session to my Gotorama of, say, a couple of hours, when I turn-off my audio system and go back home... well, I feel different, at least!

Not better, healed or immortal, an Highlander... be content enough to feel different -  i.e. less stressed, angry, nervous... more focused and feeling as a Whole.

Same sensation I have after a bare-foot walk on a looong sand beach: Music and Walking are true-to-life activities and soul-food.

Maybe one day - which I hope not too far to come - science will find that frequencies are healing and the way to effectively handle them... that Phythagora wasn't wrong with his 432 Hz theories.

That we can peacefully live in good health having a diet of Ravi Shankar and Bach and John Fahey's music.

Call me a dreamer or a visionary... always thinking and looking for a music-based, war-less world to-come.  

I just hope so, for posterity and future of humankind.

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