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Saturday, August 13, 2016

The audio maid

... ordering discs and CDs and cleaning my tiny studio is a - proudly and unashamedly said - someway seldom made activity for yours truly... not talking about living in a garbage-filled environment, but about tasting the ineffable sense of freedom given when doing or not doing something in a wife-free place;-)

Undusting my audio gears... well, it's something not on top of my priorities... I usually ask people visiting to possibly do not touch horns or gears to do not make dust even more visible...

... but when I'm in the maid-mode;-)...

Everything after my spic & span "turbillon" is shiny and brand new... or so...

Also, like this afternoon, making some order among the disks, is always a surprisingly rewarding activity... records I didn't see in eons re-surface and its a joy simply handling them, like I freshly purchased them... leave alone listening to them!

Such a pleasure.

Silly me...

I found a disk which I consider one of my most precious ones... dance music from the roaring '20s, a Robert Crumb's illustrated and edited CD, from his own wonderful 78s collection.

I all the times remains surprised by the fantastic recording quality... a strange kind of quality - i.e. bandwith limited - from 78s, yes, but sound is so zest and quick.

Listening to this (sweet, indeed... so innocent sounding to my ears) music made my up and down from the ladder, ordering the disks, a pleasure... I danced for about one hour feeling untired and full of enthusiasm... ahhh, the power of music!

A maid from the '20s;-)))

I'm so vintage-minded that I almost feel a pain thinking about the darker and darker times we're into.

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