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Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Speechless... amazed... and angry (with myself) for my being sooo slow... slow and lazy.

After the recent arrival of Silver Rock AVC, I admit I only used it connected to the smaller combo, with 300B monos and Cabasse or Carl Zeiss' speakers...

This afternoon, despite the 30+ degrees... I strongly felt the need to try it with Gotorama and so I did...

Connected to Mayer's 4 ways crossover and to Studer A 730 and...

Immediately I felt the sense of clarity and transparency I already appreciated yesterday with smaller system... only more pronounced as every note was felt like an entity of its own, an ever changing aural kaleidoscope able to thrill and surprise, sounding always brand new to the ear, untiring and reaching the inner soul of music.

I should blame on me and my laziness... but, who cares: I always loved this fractal, chaos-ruled and always surprising way of going trial and error.


Only this noble, seldom used word describes the sense of beauty I experienced.

The Goto, Hiraga Class A amps, Mayer crossover and Schmidlin's Silver Rock represent my new reference combo.

Sublime... and still baffled: what was I waiting for the "swap"?!?!

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