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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Cabasscope 3.0

... risking my ass on this, folks...

The humble, yet mighty Cabasse Dinghy 221, 1969 vintage in pristine conditions, reached a new, higher, their own class.

Like everything audio,  only Cabasse wouldn't be nothing special, alone... only a single bicone 221 mm diameter small, cheap bookshelf.

... but...

Since some weeks ago, I changed ancillaries: all tube Thomas Mayer's 4-chassis preamp and Partridge/300B mono blocks and Revox/De Paravicini G36...

... and...

I enjoyed the great overall result...

Gotorama... Cabasscope...

Only kidding on nicknames, yet... sound of smaller system is so good that myself and close friends when listening to music in my studio are quite often fooled - must say on small-scale music - about which system is playing... the larger or the smaller?

Two options: or Gotorama is crap and Cabasscope is special... or Gotorama is great and Cabasscope is truly amazing.

I assure you the latter is the answer.

... now, I wish to share the true reason about my writing on the matter...

The smaller system is the everyday audio system, the one quick and easy, something I listen to for half an hour, when in a hurry or so...

... what happened today, when I turned ON Cabasscope,  as I had something new, something to "try"... had eight - four per side - wooden/elastomer/air anti-vibes new feet, hand made in Bulgaria by IK Audio.

Read about them in Mono & Stereo and fell in love with their approach... corresponding with Ilia (Илия Кавалджиев) my gut feeling about these quality, bespoke, hand-made stuffs from Bulgaria proved me right.


Honestly priced, these shock-absorbing feet were designed with the mono blocks 35 kilos weight in mind and thinking to tame room feedback and floor-induced vibrations; Ilia asked to me a lot of infos about the real conditions in my room... that's the way to go!

The previous "feet" were the normal, ubiquitous black rubber feet usually found on every piece of gears... crap.

Ilia's feet are lignum-vitae, seasoned ash, brass, leather, rubber o-rings and... air.

I punched female holes underside the walnut wooden amps chassis and screwed-in the new shock-absorbing feet.

Today, I listened for the "new" amps using well known recordings, both disks, tapes and vinyl... the difference from previous listen and overall sound was subtle and VERY substantial.

Resolution improved, as dynamics... perceived volume was higher, as the sense of liquidness and clarity and rightness.

Low end sounded truly amazing, going lower, apparently.

So, yes, risking on this, as I told you... better enjoying music thanking some feet under a triode power amp?


Simple as breathing...

Am I wrong... am I right... dunno, really don't know.

What I hear is more... better... beauty...

Thanking Matej Isak for reviewing IK Audio's product and Ilia for making this awesome, despite their humble appearance, shock-absorbers/feet.

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