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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

78 rpm frenzy - John Fahey - Morning/Evening, not Night 10" double 78s on Ebay

Own these sought-after 10" 78 rpm waxes since they were issued, several years ago... due to the increasing interest about RIAA equalized, present days 78s (see recent Matt Valentine's on my Blog), here is a one of the kind, minty copy, only lacking the carton sleeve.

Grab them, folks... the stereo recording - a raga-like atmospheric, beautiful elucubration by the late John Fahey - recorded in a Salem, OR hotel room by Dean Blackwood, like some race records of many JF's beloved blues musicians - i.e. Robert Johnson comes to mind (see above) - is THE VERY BEST acoustic guitar you'll ever experience in yr. room... not by chance, the label is "Perfect 14404 A/D";-)

I repeat: just Perfect!

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