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Monday, March 21, 2016

Twogoodears goes Mono & Stereo

... or is it Mono & Stereo which goes Twogoodears, sometimes...

Both and none of the above, maybe.

Yet, I've been a loyal and hungry reader of Matej Isak's great site for years, now... I sipped great inspiration from him, as I recognized Matej to be among the very, very few to have an untamed passion and interest about everything music and audio, yes, this is the right order to be kept, IMO...

His industry insight is really unique and himself, like me, uses the social networks to be 24/24-7/7-365/365 connected to the world, as both a sharing and inspiring place, better: a plaza where to gather and enjoy and have good time.

The esteem is reciprocal, of course, and Matej is a friend... and a very talented one.

Matej, myself and (only) a few others I'm aware of, consider our passion as a part of us, much more than a mere hobby, as important as an arm or the ears, themselves.

We're not slaves of the market... the doubt and the improving is something I'm seeking for and - hopefully - I will never consider me as "done!" or "arrived".

The path I'm walking - like Matej, I'm pretty sure - is much more rewarding, so full of interesting, amazing people and experiences than any piece of gears.

Music is bonding, peaceful, incredibly mysterious humus for life.

So, folks... see you more and more on Mono & Stereo pages, as an invited contributing writer/reviewer.



Bobby said...

well spoken , especially the order of things.
Music first then a long pause, than comes audio technique
Happy Easter Ears

Bobby said...

Well spoken.
Especially the order of things.
first comes music, than along pause you just listen and enjoy; after that some fiddeling around with audiontechniques...
Happy Easter Ears
Best Bobby

twogoodears said...

Happy Easter, Bobby;-)