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Monday, March 21, 2016

Mr. Sennheiser - more thoughts...

The best companion, folks… Mr. Sennheiser is always silent, patient and passionate about music and an avid concert-goer like yours truly.

The Sennheiser MKE-2002 dummy-head and matching binaural microphones is always with me since I recently purchased it, about one month ago.

Thanking this seldom seen microphone, I re-discovered the pleasure to record the several live concerts going on in my town during springtime: classical, ancient music, jazz… I could spend almost everyday recording at concerts during March, April and next May… and everyone is so curious about the dummy-head and the technical background.

Mr. Sennheiser is an extremely classy gent and loves people chatting near and about him;-)

As an example, last Saturday I got at noon a cembalo Bach, Couperin, Scarlatti and Mozart concert… at 3 P.M., a viole da gamba consort (Bach) and at 5 P.M. Baroque lute and violin…

Mr. Sennheiser, with his blue, Tuareg-like head, is flawlessly capturing a sparkling and zesty sound at 24bit/96hhz via the Apogee Duet… straight into my Mini iPad… a quite light and easy recording rig compared to moving my G36/de Parravicini or the Nagra IV-S.

I previously recorded, last Tuesday, a double-bass and piano duo, playing music of Bottesini and, well… the extreme dynamics peaks of the duo weren’t the easier to be captured and sure the digital +0db isn’t the best if you recorded for decades on tape…

Yet, digital recording and friendly use is better than no recording, at all.

Sennheiser MKE-2002… well, the small 9V-fed condenser mikes are surprising in quality… not as sexy as the super-expensive in-ear capsules Neumann KU-100 (Mr. Fritz), the Sennheiser’s sound is special through earspeakers, but, as also Chesky Bros. do, when recording with B&K 4100 torso/head dummy, the listening experience through speakers is strange and incredibly rewarding; sound is slightly boxy, at times, but very, VERY natural… ambience is AWESOME… the uncompressed 24bit/96khz sound is so different from our conventional disks… native, uncompromised digital may sound as good as best analog, to my old ears…  

B&K 4100

A small, personal revolution… waiting for Santa’s gift… I already asked him for a Sound Device 633 or 722T.

Living music is… IS!  

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