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Thursday, September 3, 2015

The last audio cassettes factory

Cassettes, compact cassettes, tapes running at 4,75 cm/s in cheap portable tape decks has been for me and millions people worldwide the second source of music... first usually being radio.

They humbly served as the cheapest way to share music, radio shows recordings, vinyl albums dubs, whatever among friends.

My Philips tape recorder was - with my Grundig radio - my personal musical goldmine when in my teens.


I used my Sony WM6D-C to record music at concerts... every concert: jazz, classical... whatever... with Sony stereo electret mike... and - later -  with Neumann U67s... obtaining an amazing quality, of course: I still cherishes these master-tapes.

My Nakamichi is still kept in working conditions and... well, you got it: I still love cassettes!

Going underground, me and many others, kept the cassettes party, the flame - I dare - alive.

Buying cassettes has recently been an Ebay chasing for N.O.S. batches... but... BUT now we know a factory still exists... yes!

Long live the humble cassettes.

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