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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Home Sweet Home

Re-fueling a passion is salt to life and always different from time to time…  back from a journey, back to my daily job and habits is reassuring… my wife, guitars, books, computer and music.

Computer wasn’t really missed, as I had this...

I someway missed the latter - music, I mean - but thanking Bluetooth technology, while driving in South Africa and Namibia with my rented car(s), I enjoyed my iPhone/iTunes library, giving to the awesome landscapes the best of bespoke, personal soundtrack.

I only yesterday turned on my Gotorama, after about one month+…

My audio system is like my late dog, my beloved Chicco: when I was far from home for some weeks, when back home, I was really forward in hugging and handling him… but he was shy, distant, different, non-empathic… angry with me for leaving him and home and walks and peeing... only after some hours, often a full day, our relationship was back with all  the nuances and dynamics I so much loved.

Yesterday - just turned on - the Gotorama, Mayer preamp and Hiraga amps sounded otherly and coldish...  it was, of course, a matter of Class A amps needing to warm-up, but, like with my dog, the complex relationship among me, the listener, the system, including system and room matching, and the music as a dialogue needed a refresh.

Had a bunch of new discs, bought at the local flea-market… all the discs weren’t my cup of tea…  I swapped disc after disc after disc… nervously, unsatisfied.

The magic, the enamourement was back, after a while…

Cannot say if this happened when Hiragas’ were up to their ideal temperature or when – at last – a REALLY worthwhile disc of the bunch was played on Garrardzilla:  Andrew Poppy’s “The Beating of Wings” on ZTT (1985), a nice, NICE disc I bought pushed by my pal Franco Poti (i.e. you won’t regret).

The first track – I realized – was bearing a title “The Object is an hungry wolf” which made me thinking… hey, definitely yes!... “the object” – aka my Gotorama – indeed is “an hungry wolf”!

Audio and music is an hungry passion: like dating and being in love need care, dedication and a sort-of obsession, well, unashamed, same obsession is needed to deeply enjoy music, played and listened to.

When I’ll play again one of my guitars, I’m pretty sure my fingers will be rusty, slow… I need new enthusiasm to play again up to par.

Listening to Gotorama again is enamourement, rediscovery, enjoyment and pleasure… re-appreciating the system and room clicking as an unicum, again, is like enjoying a rose blossoming in slow motion.   

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Sassochefugge said...

Listening to the record as I type, really nice music.
Thanks for the heads up!