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Sunday, August 10, 2014

DS Audio DS-W1 Optical Cartridge from Japan

Many audiophiles recall Optical cartridges introduced by several companions many years ago. Its sound was shockingly sensational. Comment at the time was, "Pure like mountain dew, yet strong like a water fall."  

However, contrary to the market response, those cartridges quickly disappeared from the market. 

It was Precision mechanism and sophisticated optics that were too difficult to come over at the time. Furthermore, the audio market begun to shift into Digital Sound Era (CD music).

People still talk about Optical cartridge as analogous to Hi-fidelity. So, Optical Cartridge became a legendary product among audiophiles. 

Unlike MM/MC cartridges, which based on Electromagnetic induction, Optical cartridge detects stylus vibration by a beam of light. This innovative design made it possible to eliminate Electromagnetic frictional force intrinsically exists in any MM/MC cartridges.  

DS-Audio proudly announce that DS-W1 is Renaissance of Legendary Optical Cartridge.

VTF is 6,5 grams, sensitivity is 500mV... 

... mmmhh...

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