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Sunday, August 10, 2014

CSNY 1974 - a must buy!

Don't play the fool, like I was doing myself... yawn, after ALL these years - forty, actually - more of this ol' crap... hey, I'm older and an intellectual and I listen to avant-garde, and... blah, blah...

... but when you listen to Crosby's Almost Cut my Hairs... ho, ho?!?!

Than Mojo magazine arrives and you find a dozen pages review and a complimentary disk from the 3CDs/1DVD box set and... you hit your chin... ouch!

I'm listening to This INCREDIBLE disks on Gotorama's glory and it's brand new, fresh, timeless music... a joy for the ears and the soul, Willie Nash and Joel Roberts did an AMAZING job from the archive master tapes... the sound is AWESOME, like the music... the booklet says it all... the Alembic 12 strings electric Crosby played... when a Martin D 45 or D 18 or D 28 is played... who plays what...

Neil was playing on a couple sets a D'Angelico New Yorker jazz guitar (sic...) and well, I now know why Americans and we all love CSN&Y... listen to Stills on D 45 "Word Games"... it's muscular and rock, also if acoustic... so... everyone is much welcome: the Redneck, the Freak, the Psych, the West Coast fan, Southern Rock... acoustic, electric...

Well, the pixies alone are worth the ticket on this box set...

Mojo interviews and review says also the Men were in coked-mode and dope circulated in every moment in backstage, bus, rehearsing... but those were the days.

The quartet survived lung transplants, booze, deaths, fights, bankruptcy and more... they are still here, reminding their music is in our generation DNA.

Making it simple? Buy the box, Blue Ray, DL or... hey, you Deep Pockets in the corner... one of those GORGEOUS 6 vinyls in maple box etc. etc... pressed in 1,000 copies for the advanced vinyl junkie, it also contains - among other goodies - pubic hairs samplers of the four artists... so, rush on CSN&Y site, where the USD 499 (plus shipping) superb vinyl box is only available... the first 100 copies also contains Joni Mitchell's pubic gadget from the hey days.


Those were the days, folks... buy this AMAZING musical treasure box.

Seriously: it's a GREAT disk... a document... a statement, and a recording to die for!



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