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Friday, July 18, 2014


Some hours ago I had one of the most pleasing, relaxing and smooth listening experiences of my life...

I placed a chair outside my studio after turning ON the Gotorama, placed Emiliana Torrini's last disk and then shot me the full Bjork's Debut disk... a full Icelandic experience with cuban influences... an hecho a mano Hoyo de Monterrey's cigar was my companion for about one hour, 2-3 p.p.m. (puffs per minute) and enjoying the tobacco smell, fresh air and music and sound coming from my music system, as well.

I wasn't after sweet spot, imaging, resolution and other audiophile lunaticness... yet the music was so rich and full-bodied I felt so well...

Like eons ago Vinnie Gallo wrote on Joe Roberts' "Sound Practices" pages: "A stereo system should sound like THE VERY BEST RADIO you ever listened to!" 

I already wrote about this, but... Gotorama did it so!

... it's almost a Satori... a midsummer satori.  


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