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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Rare Wax Dept. - Pink Floyd - Live at Hamburg, February 1971 aka M-502

I own this very record since 1972... it's a Pink Floyd's concert, recorded at Hamburg Musikhalle in February 1971, a 2-records set of seldom heard quality, both musically and sonically... the vinyl is still deadly silent after 42 years and the songs are soooo vivid and lively, the Floyds are still the Floyds, a great group of young beautiful minds... and yes, M-502, as this very record is known among fellow collectors, it's more original than original, IMO, as the foldable cover is a superb psych silk-screened and when open, it's a female, legs open and the eye isn't an eye, actually... but the origin of life...

Some facts: 

    Matrix / Runout: -M-502-1-
    Matrix / Runout: -M-502-2-
    Matrix / Runout: -M-502-3-
    Matrix / Runout: -M-502-4-
German copy of original release bearing the above hand-carved matrixes so that “M-502″ has been adopted as the name for the original 2 LP set.
Other issues can be recognized by:  -  front cover says “Pink Floyd” or “Pink Floyd Live”, lesser print (no silk-screen) & audio quality (distortion in louder passages); back cover may have track list using two different types of fonts.

The real thing - i.e. the sought-after original... 

... but I still loves and cherishes my M-502:-)

Thanking The Amazing Kornyfone's site... a goldmine!

P.S. - the 2-discs set also contains the only "real" orchestral - i.e. a string orchestra playes, not a pre-recorded tape or mellotron - Atom Earth Mother suite I'm aware of.



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