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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

What's inside a horn?

While seating quietly, chatting or simply enjoying Mr. Chung's Silbatone's amps and WE 13A and 12A horn systems, I noticed something which amused me: at first one, then two, five, ten... a small crowd, after some observing, after listening at the impressive audio system, they left the chair and before leaving the room, felt the need to have a look inside the 13A, most of them, or both 12A and 13A, of 12A alone... depending on what was playing at that moment.

It's something quite human and I fully understand, as not many people but the M.O.C. and Silbatone's followers and a bunch of others, knows these 80+ years old behemoths... only asking myself what people was looking for in the HUGE mouth of the horns... a visible driver, building complexities... dwarf musicians hired by Mr. Chung and playing inside the horn for a fee?

We - me and pals - imagined the strange, weird scene: a curious looking inside and... "Whaaaat the f..k d'ya wanna, maaan? Stop watchin': people workin', here!", a gangsta, high-pitched voice with a baaad attitude... little-sized jazz or country musicians and their miniature musical instruments.

... in alternative, a telescopic, springy clown jumping out from the horn-mouth... da, daaaaa!

Seriously: these horns... ALL horns with their ancient, timeless shape and size attract the strongest interest and curiosity... someone hates them (usually wannabes who never listened to these), someone else loves them... but it's impossible to remain neutral on these, for audio-historical reasons, to better understand audio, past, present and future. 

Thanking Robert Crumb for the pix and Uncle Macon's drawing.

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