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Thursday, June 12, 2014

All is KLear - "Pure Harmony" RCA plugs by KLEI - Australia

I recently got a 4-plugs pack of new, improved, top-of-the-line KLEI "Pure Harmony" RCA plugs from KL Eichmann, the patron and visionary mind behind these... these... incredibly transparent, superbly sounding RCAs, the foundation for a cost-no-object, standard defining cable.

If your machism asks for super-bling, bullion-looking and milled from the solid zillion dollar metals costing mega-bucks RCAs, you'd better stop reading NOW... because...  the Pure Harmony by KLEI is unassuming black colour, light as a feather and friendly priced.

It's so humble in appearance that KL - in a world so polluted by hype - is apparently sort-of self understating his own achievment!
This is something an humble and kind person who's honestly doing his business does, sometimes...
I should be prepared to this, but... the shock is strong, folks!

After listening for three hours to the usual Litz 50 cm, hand-twisted and hand-soldered by my pal Lo exactly as he did with the cables of last survey, a couple months ago. 

KL states >200 hours burning, breaking-in process...

Even stronger and more relevant, when reading the leaflet accompanying the Pure Harmony plugs... is that there is NO HYPE and it simply states... >106 IACS and 100% silver contacts... nothing more, nothing less... no words about the promise of improvement in tone and musical bliss... nothing!

No exaggerating, no joking, not at all... KL strikes again!

In nature, the most beautiful flower can be the exotic rose or a tiny, miniature little flower, like some wild orchids sometimes found in the countryside... the rose shouts "Look a me!" "Taste my smell!"...

The little orchid, hidden in the grass, in the shadow, it is there, and it shines and flashes his beauty and details: the tiny inner world of its petals and the incredible colors are here, but only to the curious, the fortunate, the braveheart, the beauty seeker.
Someone who's not only attracted by the pure, yet shooting beauty of the rose, but who also walks in the dirt, in rocky paths and who believes in destiny and chance...
Someone who truly enjoys and finds the gift of living lightly, con leggerezza, unstressed and unstressing.  

When such perfection occours, where the wild orchid is found in the shadow... blinking timidly, well... it's a treasure of inestimable value, priceless and timeless.

Same with Pure Harmony based Litz wires... its name, Pure Harmony, is poetic and untechnical, with an utterly untechnical character but virtuous!
It makes the humble yellow Litz cable sounding like pure harmony... rich in tone, effortless, smooth and sharp as a razor, zestful and quick like a musical instrument is... I listened again to some disks, ECMs and some Giancarlo Barigozzi's recordings on Soul Note label from Italy; the female voice, piano... PIANO!!!, double-bass, recording venue halos and the decay and timbre of the musical notes... all is greatly improved in such a relaxed way, so naturally.

Music blossoms in a seldom heard form.

It's the wild orchid blinking in the tall grass, folks... 

You know: I walk for the sake of walking, I listen for the sake of music... no prize at the end of the path, BUT bliss... which is immaterial like love and music are.

It's pure harmony, ambrosia and honey for my ears... something possible with PURE HARMONY by KL (KLEI)... with "a little help from my friend"* Lo, of course;-)

Thanking KL, Lo, Joe Cocker* and Giancarlo Barigozzi... his incredible recording skills makes him Italian Rudy van Gelder.

Giancarlo Barigozzi

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