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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Adam Falckenhagen's genius

I love this music... I got aware of this seldom heard and read composer (1697-1754) thanking my beloved copy of Anthony Bailes' EMI Reflexe's discs.

In my strong opinion, his melodies and singing quality of his music are second to none, maybe more haunting than Bach himself, in the very same S.L. Weiss' vein and greatness.

This lute music is so joyful and complex, yet so straight to the heart and soul...

I recently got a disk by Alberto Crugnola playing a Martin Hopfman's (from Leipzig - 1690) 13-strings copy, made by Giuseppe Tumiati in Milan, back in 1997.

Recorded in a lively, beautiful sounding church, S. Giorgio's, in Pisa, Italy, on July 2003.

Alberto's playing is very, very nice and the great merit of this CD is that the whole Lautensonaten Opus # 1 - made of  six sonatas - is here presented.

I strongly suggest everyone in love with lute music and its timeless sound to search for and find this elusive disk... you won't regret.

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