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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Song for Desert Refugees... Malian music 2die4!

From "The Guardian" by Robin Denselow:

"Mali is one of the musical power-houses of Africa, but today it's a country in chaos, and its ancient culture is under threat. In the desert north, the rebels of the MNLA have been ousted by Islamist groups, adding to the crisis in which hundreds of thousands of refugees have fled to neighbouring states, at a time of acute food shortage across the region. This benefit album aims to raise money for refugee projects, but also provides a rousing new compilation of desert blues, with unreleased or rare tracks from Tuareg musicians from Mali, Niger and Algeria. It starts, appropriately, with a slinky, rhythmic and previous unreleased song from Saharan superstars Tinariwen, and there are contributions from younger Malian bands Tamikrest, Amanar and the hypnotic Tartit. But many of the best tracks are from across the border in Niger, with an engaging, rhythmic contribution from Etran Finatawa, and a remarkable 13-minute live work-out from Bombino, proving why he is the desert's new guitar hero."

Superb music... beside the political and human aspects, music-sake it's the proof Mali isn't only Rokia Traore or Ali Farka Toure or Tinariwen...

It's fresh, great music... and the money from disks selling will support refugees themselves.

... I got it.

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