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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Franz Hinterlehner and new Elodis' speakers from Austria

The affordable, superb quality which Franz has been able to infuse in his new creation is amazing...

Here is a short description of the features: 2-way active monitor, 10-inch woofer, 1-inch compression driver, constant coverage horn x-over point between woofer and twetter optimized for best possible directivity at varying angles frequency response optimized at 10 degrees out off axis horizontal, acoustic axis between woofer and tweeter listening distance up from 1,5 m usable frequency range up from approx 60 Hz active electronics finally from Groundsound (external electronics can also be used) active electronics box will finally be "load-bearing" part of the stands (the electronics box will only contain the needed parts) matching subwoofers are depending on the application and room size (for this pair 2 pcs. of 15-inch BR- woofers are in the works) wide optimal application range: for very small rooms as well as for large home theaters.

His measurements says it all, yet his creations are musically correct, never cold sounding.

This almost completed speaker with integrated electronic crossover could prove a winner for near-field listening in the studio or - with one of bespoke Elodis' subwoofers, a specialty:-) - a complete, full scale three ways system for the most discerning listener.

Franz is (one of) my heroes:-) - a tech-head who can hear!


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