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Friday, August 26, 2011

WJAAS - Akira Nagai-san's Bakoon/Satri vision

Satri is a well kept secret among high efficiency and horn-based systems users.

The above linked modular "channel divider" - unfortunately now a discontinued item - for example, and other products, amps, pre-amps, battery PSUs.. also an omnidirectional mike, are ALL based on a proprietary circuit and - most of all - a chip now at its "n" revision... the company operates between South Korea and Japan.

Browse the several site internal topics and this for more down-to-earth products, but still using "Satri" circuitry.

The (showed) 5501, also a 10W monoblock, but it is worth Y 5.000.000... each!

The MUCH cheaper AMP-11 Reference (or also the slightly smaller PSU-box, the AMP-11) with its 10 W stereo power looks quite promising for multi-amping 110+ db horn-systems, also due to impressive bandwidth and - reportedly - ABSOLUTE respect for micro-details, super-low S/N ratio AND musical/harmonic content and texture.

They're incredibly well built and, as a plus, using Sanyo Oscon caps and the like, seldom seen on lesser stuff; nothing related to T-amps or other El Cheapos amps too common on the market, also - must be said - if not a Class A circuit.

Sounds intriguing, don't you?

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