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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

On the Platter - Fred Frith's "Step Across the Border"

Fred Frith's.
Step Across the Border reached my hands by chance only a couple of days ago, BUT I'm not able to stop playing it in loop-mode in my system.

It's s compendium in music of almost a whole life of musical adventures from Japan to USA to Europe by one of my Heros... from the big sideburns days;-) with Henry Cow to collaborations with Henry Kaiser and Lol Coxhill and MANY others...

His Japanese connections, interests and merging truly represents in my opinion among the (possible) zenith(s) in improvised music.

This double disc I recently purchased is a masterpiece... John Zorn and many more are companions, support and brothers and sisters in arm with mr. Frith.

It's music which made my day, yesterday, and will do today and tomorrow, as well.

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