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Monday, September 6, 2010

"The Boat that Rocked" (2009)

Don't miss this, folks... "The Boat that Rocked" is a must-see movie!

Download it, buy it, find it at yr. local cinema, BUT try to catch it.

This is not a review - use the a.m. link for synopsis and list of characters; it's only an invitation to see and enjoy this very movie...

... BUT can't resist talking about a sequence in the deep-water during a wreck, where the discs which made "our" musical history fluctuates in the clear sea-water... Incredible String Band - THE 5000 SPIRITS OR THE LAYERS OF THE ONION being the most recognizable.

It's a deeply moving scene, the birth of a revolution called "rock" and free radio broadcasting "our" music... the beauty of the record covers in the water reminds me the explosion scene in Antonioni's "Zabriskie Point".

A must-see... thanking my friend Daniele for hinting this.

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