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Thursday, August 26, 2010

RR-77 and Schumann Resonance


What is the Schumann Resonance?

The "Schumann Resonance" is a resonance frequency that exists in the Earth's "electromagnetic" cavity; i.e. it exists between terrestrial surface and ionosphere. German physicist W.O.Schumann first detected the resonant properties of this terrestrial cavity in 1954. It may be said that the Schumann Resonance is a breathing phenomenon of the Earth that is lasting from old time. The lowest-frequency ?iand highest-intensity ?jmode of the Schumann Resonance is at a frequency of approximately 7.83Hz.
Human and all animals and plants have been guarded by this frequency of 7.83Hz and lived for long time. But recently, many unnatural radio waves and electromagnetic waves disturb this frequency of 7.83Hz, it have caused wrong influence on our human bodies.
We substantiate that there are many effects when the frequency of 7.83Hz is generated artificially.

Wikifacts about SRF

For Audio equipments
By generating the Schumann Resonance, there is an effect that it neutralizes electromagnetic waves generated from an audio equipment and external harmful radio waves. So interference of electromagnetic waves and radio waves that exist among equipments is disappeared, it becomes possible to reproduce the music clearer, the S/N ratio is improved higher and the distortion is reduced.

For Listening room
Also, by generating the Schumann Resonance, there is an effect that it neutralizes harmful standing waves. And it has the feature of improving the viscosity of the air in the listening room. Therefore, you can reproduce the excellent music, the sound is improved clearly audible, and the depth of the sound image is increased dramatically.

For Listener
It is established medically that generating the Schumann resonance activates the cellular immunity. And it is said that the Schumann resonance produces the good relaxation effects, and the attentiveness is raised greatly. So you can hear the details of the sounds that could not be heard before.
Ultra low-frequency pulse generator RR-77 is used in the major recording company!!
Because of the great effects of the RR-77, recording engineers or musicians take notice the RR-77. recently, the RR-77 is used for the recording process of the major recording company; it has given full play to its ability for not only recording equipments but also a live performance of a piano and other instruments. The RR-77 is also used at every music schools and concert.


Picture quality is improved by the RR-77
The RR-77 brings a great ability of a projector, such as CRT Projectors, DLP Projectors, Liquid projectors. By using RR-77, the focus of the picture is improved certainly.
We recommend that you use the RR-77 as final method of adjustment of the projector.



RR-77 is never contacted with devices
When you connect the RR-77 to the wall receptacle with the AC adapter attached for it, you set the RR-77 at the place which height is over than 1m50cm in your room.
If the height of the location of the RR-77 is less than 1m50cm, effects become less. So you must make sure of the height of the setting position of the RR-77.


N.o.B. (Note of Blogger) - I don't know if what I "feel" is a 7,83 hz "Earth Pulse", folks... sure - at night - also in the quietest room in a hostel in the forests of the Dolomites - "something" exists... a noise, like a background noise I "feel" more than hearing it... I always jokingly called it "my inner machine pulse" and my wife blamed my foolishness;-).

... hey, Herr Schumann;-)))... is this you intended?

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