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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


.... funny title, don't you;-)!?!?

Seriously: my yesterday evening one-hour-of-music was highly specialized - i.e. listening to some of my 10 inchers discs...

I began with a Davey Graham's "All that Moody" and continued with more Davey's "Live at Hull University - 1967", both on RollerCoaster Records... such a nice player, he was... on the first, he's accompanied by tabla-player Keshave Sathe, later with John Martyn in his seminal "Inside Out" superb disc and, later on, with John Renbourn Group for long years...

... then, I opened Heaven (... or is it Hell?!?!) doors: I picked up two old Philips's disc (10")... Serge Gainsbourg's Vol. 2, a 1959 disc with Alain Goraguer's Orchestra and, after a loving listening, again S.G. and his Vol. 4, dated 1962.

You don't imagine - if you don't own/know these discs - how GREAT was the young Serge, accompanied by a superb jazz orchestra, with nice arrangements, light, yet swinging and groovy.

"Les Cigarillos", "Black Trombone" and other immortal tunes are flawlessly displayed on these small discs... and, hey folks, French (musicians) and Dutch (Philips' recording engineers) did know their business, too.

The recordings are of highest merits: awesome dynamic, trueness and the rock-solid at centerstage, beautiful, "Gauloise" voice of Serge clearly "shows" when the old smoking crooner moved his head in front of the microphone, in the studio.

I shot four (10") sides with greatest pleasure, like an appetizer before dinner.

... con gusto.

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