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Monday, January 25, 2010

Ears and hearing - flu and music

If you happen to have an upcoming flu... don't listen to yr. stereo!

This should be taught to every audiophile in the very first months of their passion... to avoid hassles, sometimes expensive troubles.

I tried these very days and... oh, oh... would you guess... awful balancing, bass heavy, absent mids, tilted highs... exactly what I blame most!

I read something on the matter, and it seems that when flu is - someway - "closing" (plugging/clogging) our ears, it happens via a sudden moving inner earwax and making some parts - i.e. "stereocilia" (I love this VERY name;-) - less... well, ready.

I apologize for my above primitiveness in (trying to) explaining the phenomena.

Changing frequencies catptation, faking brain with the result of this different awareness of ear to outer world, music included... more or less, like nobody (myself included - I don't recognize my own voice...) know me when I speak at the phone these days... lower voice tone, etc...

This, to my VERY purpouses doesn't explain nothing... I'm only aware of the results... so, please: do not listen to your music system when well into any flu... you could be disappointed...

What the doctor says... and says, again...

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