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Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Truth

"As dreams are - apparently - an useless, unavoidable, mostly unknown and mysterious human behaviour, art and music are the very same: as mysterious as important in their unexplicable, almost painful, "being useless", yet - like dreams - a necessity for society and, to a broader, deeper extent, whole humankind: like the air we breathe is food and fuel for our bodies, arts are humankind dreams... the truest shape, the very essence of life."

The above the words, illuminated words by Maurizio Pollini, few minutes ago, at Fabio Fazio's "Che Tempo che Fa" TV show...

... yes, TV can also bring something great: the Truth.

Thanks, Maestro Pollini.

Thanks also to Philippe Gontier for the nice shot of Maurizio Pollini.

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