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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Eyvind Kang - The Yelm Sessions

First heard of this nice musician of South Korean origin but American born when I saw and listened him and his inspired progressive viola playing alive in concert with Laurie Anderson, a couple of years ago or so...

I recently found and purchased this recording... a much worth listening, indeed.

Eyvind Kang
Booklet languages: English
Time: 42:52
Release Date: 2007
After listening to the first few tracks of Eyvind Kang's The Yelm Sessions, fans of his, especially of his previous album Athlantis, might be thinking, "Aw man, Eyvind's gone all soft on us." The pastel-colored title track, The Yelm Sessions, and the pop-sounding Latin dance Enter the Garden are lovely, but are a far cry from the dark power characteristic of his most exciting work. The fourth track, though, Fire in Wind, for orchestra, keyboards, guitar, electric bass, and percussion, inhabits the fearsome soundworld of Kang's more unsettling work, and most of the remaining pieces lead the listener through a number of dark, disturbing places. Locus Iste, Sulpicia Variation, and Hawk's Prairie are chillingly ominous; they conjure up images of immense power, and not a very nice power. Like much of Kang's best work, they evoke a distant past that's been drawn very spookily into the present moment, creating a sense of imminent danger. Several of the pieces, such as Mistress Mine, a Renaissance-sounding song based on Shakespeare, and Hiemarmene, call on the past with less overt threat, but still with some measure of mysterious twistedness. Epoché for Strings, the final track, is based on a work of J.S. Bach and is curiously inert, following the vitality of much of the rest of the album. The amazingly versatile Kang performs on most of the tracks, playing violin, viola, cello, guitars, keyboard, bass, sitar, recorder, and manipulating the electronics. The various orchestras, conductors, singers, and instrumentalists who perform on the album are too numerous to list here, but they all contribute to Kang's vision with passion and commitment. The many engineers involved deserve substantial credit for the album's atmospheric and evocative sound quality. ~ Stephen Eddins, All Music Guide
Composer Title Time
Eyvind Kang The Clown's Song 2:35
Eyvind Kang Enter the Garden 4:31
Eyvind Kang The Yelm Sessions 2:47
Eyvind Kang Fire in Wind 3:46
Eyvind Kang Locus iste, for chamber ensemble & electronics (after Bruckner) 0:52
Eyvind Kang Sulpicia Variation 2:34
Eyvind Kang Hawks Prairie, for chamber ensemble & electronics 6:59
Eyvind Kang Hiemarmene, for chamber ensemble 2:45
Eyvind Kang Mistress Mine, for voice & chamber ensemble 2:11
Eyvind Kang Asa Tru, for violin & orchestra 7:41
Eyvind Kang Epoché for strings (after Bach)

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