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Friday, September 25, 2009

WJAAS - Audio Tekne on NHK japanese television

Still organizing and filtering, as too much "just happened" stuff, my own pixes and liner notes from my recent japanese trip, thanks to Hisashi Seo-san and his kindness, here is for me and everyone loving well made things, a 2003 footage - twenty+ minutes!!!!!! - of Imai-san, his son and wife - the Audio Tekne family talking about their superb products and showing the workshop were I was, too, only few days ago, the hand soldering, etc.

It's old time workmanship, very human skill and care for details and final results... well, as everyone who knows Audio Tekne's price-list is aware of, ALL this costs!

A very, VERY nice experience it was...

In the meantime, let's enjoy Seo-san's link
and Audio Tekne's extremely well-made site

Thanks again and again to Seo and Hasegawa-san(s).

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