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Friday, September 11, 2009


First time posting from abroad, pals... currently in Kyoto, enjoying Japan immensely, indeed...

Tourist-wise.... well, nothing new to say: great shrines and museums and gardens and temples and... how, HOW to forget the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo and - ohhh, so prosaically - the great anal-cocooning (oooops!) experienced in good hotels rest-rooms;-)))!!!

... yet many better than myself did in the past and will do in the future.... BUT, audio & music-wise, well... things change;-)

Went to visit Shindo's workshop and Honda-san's Eltus workshop, both in Tokyo... Imai-san of Audio Tekne fame (mo' later...) and Susumu Sakuma-san in Tateyama-shi, Chiba, without forgetting to pay a visit to Gokudo-san in Yokosuka-shi, south of Tokyo, to enjoy - maybe - the greatest collection of both vintage and high-end audio in the world.

Will have more visits in the next days... hopefully will meet Shiniki Tanaka-san of Goto fame in Hino-shi, Endo-san of ALE in Yokohama-shi and Miyajima-san of Otono-Edison in Fukuoka-shi.

Also hoping to have the time (and the strength... Japan and Shinkansen trains are for strong people, indeed...) to meet the always great, helpful, friendly Koji of EIFL, also visiting GIP Laboratory, both in Fukushima-ken.

... was forgetting: after being in Hiroshima, later this afternoon.... BTW: a great, yet sad way to commemorate today's 9/11 in the place where stopping EVERY current and future war should have been a GREAT lesson for ALL humankind - will reach Matsue village for some relax after this tour-de-force (it is...) and then heading to my friend Seo Hisashi-san in Yonago-shi, where, hopefully, I'll finally meet in person Hasegawa-san, a true, yet young "audio & music monk";-), as Seo described him...

Will report soon with LOTS of pixes and great - I hope - liner notes and impressions to what I experienced in these two one-of-a-kind weeks... without forgetting Tokyo's Hard Rock Cafe's T-shirts for my nephews... they would kill me in the case I'd forget'em;-)

In the meantime... doomo arigato gozaimasu for reading yours humbly me.


Unknown said...

blavo blavo stefano beltoncello!!!

ps.: dici che se ti dico di vedere se trovi già (dovrebbe uscire il 14) manafon il nuovo cd di sylvian e pure degli scritti politti, white bread black beer cd di stampa japonese me li plendi?

:) ivan

Unknown said...

Stefano, could you do a favor to me. Since you are in Japan and will be socializing with local audio people then can you find out what happen with Cho-san, the former Micro Seiki guy? I met him in March 2001, we spent a good day together and I left him a lot of money for construction of new customized 8000 system. I spoke with him in April of 2001 and we targeted for July-August 2001 delivery. Then he vanished and all my efforts to find him were not successful. I do not look to recover my money – they are long gone and I am OK with it but I just looking some closure of that story? So, what happened? Can you inquire for some old guys for some rumors? I think my $14K I gave to Micro give me some rights to know at least the story. I heard that in May 2001 the Cho-san’s wife committed suicide and then Cho-san run to “isolation island”. I do not know what it means – it what my Japanese folks told me. Anyhow, if you have any further info about Micro I would like to hear it….

Romy The Cat

twogoodears said...

Hi Roman!
Will do my best in investigating on the matter on yr. behalf.

Akarakrit Uamkruea said...


Do you have Vintage Vanguard address in Yokosuka?

I want to visit there next month.

Which day that they close museum?

Thanks a lot.