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Monday, June 1, 2009

WJAAS - The Headshells Survey (reprise) - B/A - Bosouem Acoustics' "Big Nose" universal headshell - Part 2

... despite the ugliness and weird looking of B/A headshell, something great is happening, folks...
After some days I didn't used nothing but the Oosawa-san's cross-coils MC cartridge mounted on an RS-3 rotary headshell, I wanted to re-try, better re-listen to the Miyajima-san Shilabe MC cartridge and mounted it for the second time on the Big Nose.
Tuned the VTF to 3,2 grams and... what this cartridge does when used with its own Miyajima ETR-800 Super-Permalloy core transformer and Bosouem Acoustics headshell as a combo, is to be heard, period.

I'm not saying Shilabe surpasses Verito Z or Lumiere DST... trying to be unbiased as possible, as they're all of a special breed, no exception, BUT what I believed to be hardly impossible to improve - i.e. Verito Z or Lumiere DST used with ETR-800 or WE 618B... all blew away in two sides!

As recently happened with LCR RIAA and Telefunken EC 8020 phono-stage, only few days after, something I had in a closet proved to be a major improvement in details and trueness.

These steps onward are someway sad, as I fully understand Ikeda-san, the japanese audio maven (not related with Fidelity Research and Ikeda phono products) who had to quit his job to fully devote himself to music and audio, back in the '70s... in my humble shoes, dedicating few hours per month to this annihilating, so satisfying activities make me wonder "where" I would be, musically, if I would be able to apply my full-time attention.

Lunatic, getting nut, needing a good shrink... maybe... what's pretty sure and crystal clear is that the never ending improving capabilities of my system and, most important, of my ears natural skills are impressive to me, myself and I, indeed!

What will happen when I'll install Thomas Mayer's LCR Riaa/WE437A and 801A 4-chassis preamp?

Will I get more music? Will I blissfully understand what the composers meant with this or that silence among notes? Will I finally obtain from most of my records what I'm able to filterless enjoy through my Telefunken M-15A spinned master-tapes or from a real instrument in front of me?

Will I have to leave this daily job and seclude myself on a hill in Western Honshu (Chugoku), hermit among hermits, a music freak, a full-time sound monk, taking full enjoyment from the truest Music ever: wind and birds and rain and that far, far bell?

... who knows what's in everyone karma;-) - for the moment I must, prosaically, say that the B/A Acoustics with the Shilabe MC-cart made by Miyajima-san is giving to me shivers in Gotorama: Don Cherry's trumpet is untamed, free as the air, limitless, undistorted, unfearsome, brave and true, right.

... let's leave the rest in the Music God and Goddess' hands.

I'm happy... quoting the late Tim Buckley... Happy/Sad.

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