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Monday, June 22, 2009

Horns and live music? Definitely "Yes!"


While browsing around found a truly weird, WEIRD horn speaker, a carnivorous-flower/speaker like it came from Lewis Carroll's mind-in-acid... these people built it mostly aimed to faithfully reproduce a guitar amplified sound - a BIG sound, you'd say - and they approached this very task with a love for tales, for Wunderkammer, for dreams came true, I'd dare... they also designed (and built...) a "Leslie-type" of spinning horn speaker, double giant earphones shaped...

Look at the dimensions of (de-facto) XL-Horns vs. the jazz guitar!!!

Also a look at their site would prove of some interest, as their musical instruments are in same visionary vein of speakers.
Have a look to the deadly serious (= well-made), yet amusing "Bart Pippin" electric guitar headstock also if completely uninterested about guitars: that's irony, in Dada sauce, con gusto!

Interesting stuffs!

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